The Best Ink and Toner Cartridges for You

There are several types of printers available in the market. The type of printer you buy depends on whether you’re going to use it in your home or to print bulk material at the office. Also, the kind of cartridge you buy hinges on the type of printer. There are primarily two types of cartridges: ink and toner.

Ink Cartridges

Ink cartridges are used in inkjet printers, which are perfect for home use. The cartridges contain black or colored liquid ink. Powerful inkjets spray liquid ink on the page to print your text. The ink is made up of a complex blend of pigments and dyes that helps with page retention and produces accurate color.

Toner Cartridges

Toner is used in laser printers. Toner is a dry powder that contains microscopic plastic particles, which are electronically charged, heated, and applied onto the paper through a rotating drum in the machine. This printing process is much faster, making it an effective option for large print jobs.

Best Ink Cartridges

HP 63

HP 63 yields up to two times more prints compared to refill cartridges. It prints approximately 190 black and white pages and 165 tri-colored ones. Installing the cartridge is easy and it runs even when the ink is low on one of the cartridges. HP 63 is compatible with different models of HP Deskjet and ENVY.

HP 952

HP 952 also gives you double the number of prints than a refill cartridge. It is a tricolor cartridge that prints in cyan, magenta, and yellow. It produces approximately 700 pages each of color. It is compatible with models of HP OfficeJetPro.


Epson T802XL-BCS DURABrite

The DURABrite is a high-capacity black ink cartridge that gives you high-quality prints. Epson printers are not compatible with foreign ink cartridges, which can be an issue since cartridges can be expensive. Prints using DURABrite are resistant to water and take longer to fade. It works perfectly with Epson Workforce Pro WF.


Canon PG-245 Ink

Canon’s PG-245 produces long-lasting prints with pigment-based black ink for crispness. It is designed with photolithographic engineering that gives you sharp and defined documents. It produces approximately 180 pages. While this number on the lower side, the print quality is flawless. This easy-to-install cartridge doesn’t dry up even if there is a long gap between prints. It is compatible with multiple Canon printers. We recommend that you check the compatibility with your model before making a purchase.


GPC Image Cartridge

GPC’s Image Cartridge set is perfect if you are looking for budget options. It yields approximately 500 black and 300 color pages. The installation is easy and extremely user-friendly. It is compatible with Canon and HP models and specifically with Canon MG and MX products and HP Deskjet, Officejet, and Photosmart models.



Best Toner Cartridges

Brother TN-450 Toner

Brother’s TN-450 Toner is a reliable option that prints long-lasting and sharp images. It yields up to 2,600 prints. Your printer is likely to flash a “Low Toner” warning after a certain number of prints. But, if you press the “Go” button 7 times in quick succession, it continues producing copies. Basically, the developers have integrated this warning as a reminder to order another cartridge to save you from a rainy day. It is compatible with Brother’s All-in-Ones and fax machines.


E-Z Ink Toner Cartridge

E-Z Ink’s toner cartridges are highly rated replacement toners for brands like Brother and they come at a very affordable cost. You should get approximately 2,600 prints from the cartridge. This long-lasting cartridge prolongs printer service while ensuring the prints are clear and consistent. It is compatible with different models of Brother’s DCP, HL, and MFC models.



HP 202x

You can expect outstanding print quality from HP’s 202x cartridges! The black toner is easy to install and yields up to 3,200 pages. The HP cartridge saves up to 25% of toner and produces an average of 71% more usable pages than non-HP cartridges. It is compatible with HP LaserJet Pro models.


Cool Toner Cartridge

Cool Toner’s 4-pack cartridge comes in black, cyan, yellow, and magenta. It yields approximately 6,500 black and 5,000 color pages with color contrast identical to the one you’ll see with OEM products.

A manufacturer’s ink is usually as expensive as the printer with low yield. Cool Toner is an affordable solution that also gives you good quality. It is compatible with HP Color LaserJet Pro models.



Canon 120 Toner Black

Canon recommends using original Canon cartridges to optimize the performance of their printers. This all-in-one toner combines toner, drum, and the waste toner receptacle to give you excellent image retention quality. It is an energy-saving toner with features like low temperature, quick melting, and firm fixing. It yields up to 5,000 pages and is compatible with the Canon CLASS D1100, 1300, and 1500 series.